5 Tips For Planning Elective

1) Budget Work it out in advance, have a plan to save up and remember there are prizes and competitions that can help. Plan in advance. Save up. Apply for competitions and look for sponsorship. 2) Fli…

Guide to financial freedom

Passive Income Passive income as we know is income derived from you not working directly to generate it. It does not mean you wont initially need to put some work in, but it is the ‘set and forget’ st…

Thoughts for Young Dentists

  Speak openly and honestly. Delivering effective educational episodes is proportional to your confidence in what you are delivering. In public speaking try to avoid reading off slides/prop cards. For…

Effective Communications

Nalini Ambaby, a leading social psychologist conducted research at Tuft’s university, where she had occupants watch a silent 30-second video of patients’ interaction with doctors. They were asked whic…

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